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If set to 0.0 or much less the AI will now not use nukes at all.
damage to infrastructure taken by means of nukes uses 0.1 steps to allow rebuilding lower back to a hundred% infra.
fastened ultimate infra after nuking can not be lower than 1 step (0.1 or 10%) to steer clear of AI complications.
Allowed IC in provinces to be reduced to 0 from nukes (changed into limited to 0.1 IC earlier than)
fastened a problem with saving of damaged IC – sometimes it may well be wrongly restored upon reload
fixed a malicious program with command now not being applied to units in the redeployment pool that haven’t been deployed to the map yet.
Tweaked mild degrees on provinces in Diplomatic Map mode (in popular all had been too dark).
mounted bugs with routine and choices availability on exchange of TAG
fastened occasional CTD issues after exchange of TAG
fixed missing leaders on dissimilar alternate of TAG instructions in the equal game session.
fastened CTD on online game load with extra logs (settings.cfg) enabled. through default each unit/brigade is  windows 10  crack free download full version and clash royale hack  or  slitherio hack The dream league soccer hack and Pokemon GO hack and dream league soccer hack and Pokemon GO cheats  also idm  crack free download full version     upgradeable to the subsequent model of the identical category with 2 exceptions:
LArm-2 by means of default enhancements to ARM-2. Tweaked Nuke AI focused on:
nukestriketolerance now could be used as the beginning cost in Nuke comparison – the bigger it is, the greater frequently the AI will use nukes. a fine cost looks to be about 50.0. most effective if there are naval brigades in the redeployment pool of a country.
modified the tough-coded minimal MP cost for instruments from 0.1 to 0.001 MP.
f tiles.bmp form Map_X observed in MODDIR if there isn’t any such file in default Map_X folder.
Made upgrade to mannequin and sort moddable for each brigade/unit:
upgrade classification and mannequin may also be specified in brigade/division info. for example to upgrade LArm-2 to ARM-2 add armor = 2 into the mannequin = entry for L-Arm-2 in light_armor.txt
here’s not obligatory and might be skipped. good values in most instances are   and Slither io hack and     and clash royale hack  and      and    -50 to -20
nukestrikedesirability is used as a multiplier on the remaining price whether it is > 0.0. it is informed to set this a little below 0.0 to order the AI to nuke bigger enemy Core provinces.